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The Club Esteem Pledge, written in 2006 by Executive Director Ellena Little, provides Club Esteem youth with governing rules and a value system to embrace and live by. This value system can help with daily decision making and improve one's self-image.


Each year Club Esteem children not only memorize and recite the pledge, but are also involved in group discussion to shed light on its relevance and how it is applicable to everyday life.


Club Esteem Pledge

I will do my best to treat others the way I want them to treat mebadge.

I will respect myself, my peers, my elders, and all those in authority.

I will respect learning too, by doing my best in what I am asked to do.

I will think before I act and earnestly take responsibility for the decisions I make.

I will do my best to work well with those around me and positively contribute to the community.

I will use the faith I have to believe that with determination, I can achieve my goals at the highest level.



We believe that good character is learned behavior that is developed over time.  Club Esteem's character education program concentrates on the following nine core values:


Club Esteem Values










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