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. SCHOLAR HOUR/STUDY HALL - Tutoring and homework assistance in core subjects as well as FCAT/SAT/ACT preparation. Tutors are community volunteers from local high schools, colleges, and businesses.

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATH (STEM) – Exciting hands-on math, science and engineering programs that teach students to creatively solve challenges, explore scientific phenomena, build robotic and motorized machines and much more. Students utilize our Harris Technology Gateway computer lab for homework and research needs; technology skill training in computer science and graphic design.

 FCAT READY - FCAT Ready focuses on mastery and improved performance of the contents specified in the Sunshine State Standards by utilizing Florida FCAT Coach Practice material and Smart Tutor, a web based program.

READING BLAST OFF! - Reading Blast Off covers instructional teaching in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, single-syllable decoding, short vowels, complex vowels, simple consonants, consonant digraphs, and high-frequency sight words.

MATH COUNTS AND & MATH QUEST- both programs provided age appropriate academic enrichment through the use of math centers that engage participants in cooperative math games and literature-based activities that meet state requirements. Participants will deepen their understanding and practice important math skills while having fun.

CIVIL AEROSPACE EDUCATION EXCELLENCE M.A.R.S- Making Aerospace Real for students provides national standards- based fun and exciting activities and curriculum that emphasize the connection of aviation & space to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and gives exposure to aerospace careers.

JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT - High School students are involved in financial education and business activities through – the JA Company Program, JA Careers with Purpose, JA Job Shadow, and Success Skills.

KIDS IN MOTION – Students learn the importance of good sportsmanship and teamwork while participating in group sports and physical fitness exercises.

MUSIC & THE ARTS- gives students the opportunity to receive professional dance and dramatic arts instruction, visual art instruction, and private music lessons from top students in the Brevard Symphony Youth Orchestra and others in the community in order to develop an appreciation for the arts, help with concentration, increase self-confidence, and pride.

COMMUNITY SERVICE LEARNING - links character education, organization, planning, leadership skills and teamwork with community needs and service.

SMART CHOICES - character education focused on healthy life choices including relationships, emotional and physical health, education, personal responsibility, ethics, and more.

TALENTS CHARACTER TIME - students are engaged in activities that help develop positive character traits, improve peer relations, and develop step-by-step plans that enable them to accomplish their academic and career goals through planning, research, guidance and support.

COLLEGE PREP - is designed to give teens access to higher education opportunities. Teens will receive assistance and information on various careers, placement tests, applying for financial aid and scholarships, attend field trips to educational fairs and colleges.

ADVENTURES THROUGH SCOUTING - Students participate in Brownies, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts to gain an understanding of citizenship, teamwork and problem solving.

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